The #1 Issue Facing the $500B+ TV Industry? Getting people to watch shows.


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“Having audiences tune in and watch our shows is the number one priority for everybody who works in the TV industry.”

-Jesse Redniss, SVP, USA Network

"To get people to remember the day and time a show airs is really challenging. If people miss the show during its live airing, we still want to give them an opportunity to sample it.”

-Michelle Garry, SVP, Multi-Platform Distribution Marketing at Fox Broadcasting

Solution: Dijit Audience Development Platform

The first product for the Audience Development Platform is the Reminder Button. Dijit's Reminder Button is easily embedded onto any Website, mobile app, banner ad campaign, or social property. It allows site visitors to receive show reminders 30 minutes before the show airs. Reminders are delivered by Email and the NextGuide iOS App. It also includes a convenient one-click-to-DVR buttons (for Comcast, DISH, and DIRECTV subscribers).

The Button is live on 80+ individual TV show Web pages on FOX Networks, BBC America, and TruTV (a Turner network). Seven additional networks launch in Q4.

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Dijit Helps TV Networks Reach and Build Their Audiences Throughout the Show’s Lifecycle

The Dijit Reminder Button helps get audiences to tune in to TV shows, and the NextGuide apps and Website helps build their awareness of other shows. NextGuide is an automated and curated directory that includes Live TV and Streaming Services (iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix), combining them into a single beautiful discovery and browsing experience. Key components include proprietary hyper-personalized Recommendation algorithm, social discovery and recommendations, and one-click to Stream or Record on DVR.

NextGuide currently averages 4.5 stars in the iOS App Store, and an Android version is coming later this year. The product is also available on the web at

“With the rise of digital, people are watching more video overall, but it is harder to get big audiences for shows.”

-Adam Skinner, client partner at U.K.-based OMD.

With NextGuide we develop highly detailed, relevant, and unique "entertainment taste profiles" around audiences (ie ensuring comedy fans see more ads for comedy shows, not reality shows they may not enjoy). With our proprietary data profiling we measure campaign performance across platforms and all the way to consumption, encompassing live TV, streaming, and DVR/catch-up viewing.

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